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Number 8943 
Author Zamora, J.C. 
CoAuthor(s) Svensson, M., Kirschner, R., Olariaga, I., Ryman, S., Parra, L.A., Geml, J., Rosling, A., Adamčík, S., Ahti, T., Aime, M.C., Ainsworth, A.M., Albert, L., Albertó, E., …, Rambold, G., Ramírez, N.A., …, Triebel, D., … 
Author = Editor - 
Year 2018 
Year 2  
Title Considerations and consequences of allowing DNA sequence data as types of fungal taxa. 
Editor(s) - 
Title 2  
Journal IMA Fungus 
Volume 9(1) 
Pages 167-175 
Tabs. & Figs.  
Categories Molecular data relevant to ascomycete systematics, Plants and fungi – supplementary topics

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