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Result Single Entry #8932

Number 8932 
Author Rambold, G. 
CoAuthor(s) Bensch, K., Kirk, P.M., Yao, Y.-J., Robert, V., Sanz, V. & Triebel, D. 
Author = Editor - 
Year 2017 
Year 2  
Title Citation of a taxon name identifier issued by the ICN-recognized registration repositories instead of taxon name author citation. 
Editor(s) - 
Title 2  
Journal Taxon 
Volume 66(5) 
Pages 1200-1203 
Tabs. & Figs.  
Categories Ascomycetes, Lecanorales, Leotiales, Non-lichenized ascomycetes, Mitosporic or sterile fungi, Lichenicolous fungi or lichens, Plants and fungi – supplementary topics

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