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Result Single Entry #8929

Number 8929 
Author Güntsch, A. 
CoAuthor(s) Hyam, R., Hagedorn, G., Chagnoux, S., Röpert, D., Casino, A., Droege, G., Glöckler, F., Gödderz, K., Groom, Q., Hoffmann, J., Holleman, A., Kempa, M., Koivula, H., Marhold, K., Nicolson, N., Smith, V.S. & Triebel, D. 
Author = Editor - 
Year 2017 
Year 2  
Title Actionable, long-term stable and semantic web compatible identifiers for access to biological collection objects. 
Editor(s) - 
Title 2  
Journal Database 
Volume 2017 (Article ID bax003) 
Pages 1-9, 
Tabs. & Figs.  
Publisher Oxford University Press 
Categories Plants and fungi – supplementary topics

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