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Result Single Entry #8912

Number 8912 
Author Triebel, D. 
CoAuthor(s) Grobe, P., Güntsch, A., Hagedorn, G., Holstein, J., Söhngen, C., Weiland, C. & Weibulat, T. 
Author = Editor - 
Year 2016 
Year 2  
Title How to organise, process and archive collection and occurrence data using GFBio services provided by Germany's major natural history and culture collection data repositories. 
Editor(s) Anonymous 
Title 2 17th Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Biologische Systematik. 21.-24. February 2016. Abstracts. 
Journal Zitteliana 
Volume 88 
Pages 49 
Tabs. & Figs.  
PlPubl München 
Categories Plants and fungi – supplementary topics

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